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2Power Greaseproof Paper Sheets


2POWER Greaseproof Paper Sheets 450 x 700mm (480 Pack) 1257

Part Number: 2POWER 1257 (VOWEUR01094)

2Work Cotton 200x300mm Glass Cloth Pk10


2Work Cotton Glass Cloth. Designed to give glassware a professional sparkle. 200x300mm. Pack of 10.

Part Number: Fsmisc TM203010P (VOWCX02705-page:853)

2Work Kitchen Roll White Pk24


2Work Rolls for kitchen use. Highly absorbent texture. Ideal for mopping up spills. Bright white colouring. Supplied in 12 packs of 2 (24 rolls total).

Part Number: FSMISC KTW42 (VOWCT73665-page:662)

2Work Tea Towel 430x680mm Pk10


2Work Everyday Tea towels features absorbent fabric ensures complete drying. Machine washable. Fabric designed not to fray or lessen in quality. Size - 70x47cm. Pack of 10. Assorted Colours.

Part Number: FSMISC TE1727 (VOWCPD02228-page:662)

Bacofoil Dispenser 60mx30cm 6401046


The Baco easy cut foil dispenser is so easy to use. Just open the lid pull out your desired length close the lid and lift to release the foil. The built in cutting blade will cut the foil perfectly without bruising or tearing. Size: 60mx30cm.

Part Number: BACO 6401046 (VOWWAC70230-page:661)

Bacofoil Easy Cut Caterng Film Dispenser


The Baco easy cut cling film dispenser is so easy use. Just open the lid pull your desired length close the lid and then lift to release. The built in cutting blade will cut the cling film perfectly without tangling. Size: 250mx35cm.

Part Number: BACO 6401047 (VOWWAC70090-page:661)

Banquet Roll White 50m 2232


White Banquet Roll. High quality 42gsm banquet roll ideal for all office and party functions. Colour: White. 50 metres.

Part Number: CPACK 2232 (VOWRY04804-page:660)

Caterwrap Baking Parchment 300mmx75m


Ideal for fat-free baking. Siliconised on both sides for an easy release non-stick surface. No need to grease cake tins or baking sheets. Widely used as a lining agent for cake tins and other baking equipment. Pack of 1x 75 metre roll. 30cm in width.

Part Number: CATERWRP 21C26 (VOWWR21260-page:661)

Caterwrap Catering Foil Box 450mmx75m


Foil perfect for your catering needs. Aluminium construction. Helps keep food fresh when refrigerated. Roll for easy access to foil. Catering sized pack. Dimensions: 450mm x 75m.

Part Number: CATERWRP 1733 (VOWAU23056-page:661)

Caterwrap Cling Film Box 300mmx300m


PVC Cling Film. Catering quality cling film supplied in a dispenser box with cutting edge. 300mm x 30m.

Part Number: CATERWRP RY10191 (VOWAU32080-page:661)

Disposable White Apron on a Roll VPPAPD


Dispenser for disposable apron rolls. Designed for use with rolls of 200 aprons. Easy access aperture. Ideal for food industry manufacturing and clinical environments. Wall-mountable design. Colour: White.

Part Number: FSMISC VPPAPD (VOWCPD00844-page:713)

Fiesta Jumbo Fiesta Kitchen Roll 600Sht


Fiesta jumbo kitchen roll with extra long sheets that re strong and absorbent. 600 sheets per roll. Ideal for mopping up spills.

Part Number: FIESTA 5604400 (VOWCPD01621-page:662)

Handy Towel White Kitchen Roll Pk24


Handy absorbent paper towel roll. Suitable for multiple uses around the home or office. Ideal for spills and general cleaning. Absorbent strong and excellent value for money. Colour: White. 6 packs of 4 rolls.

Part Number: FSMISC KACHKT (VOWCPD00161-page:662)

HDensity Vest Carrier 275x425x525 Pk2000


High Density Vest Carriers 275x425x525mm 15 Micron White (Pack of 2000) 403101

Part Number: MyCafe 403101 (VOWDC77894-page:701)

Maxima 330x330mm 2-Ply Red Napkins Pk100


Maxima Napkins 330x330 2-Ply. Two ply napkins ideal for office or catering. Size: 330x 330mm. Colour: Red.

Part Number: FSMISC VSMAX33/2R (VOWCPD01215-page:660)

MyCafe Greaseproof Bag 250x250mm Pk1000


MyCafe Scotchban Greaseproof Bags Unstrung 250x250mm White (Pack of 1000) 203152

Part Number: MyCafe MYC78879 (VOWMYC78879-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft Bag 215x215mm Brown Pk1000


MyCafe Dependable Ribbed Kraft Bags Strung 215x215mm Brown (Pack of 1000) 201203S

Part Number: MyCafe MYC78877 (VOWMYC78877-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft Bag 250x250mm Brown Pk1000


MyCafe Dependable Ribbed Kraft Bags Strung 250x250mm Brown (Pack of 1000) 201204S

Part Number: MyCafe MYC78878 (VOWMYC78878-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft Bags 175x175mm Brown Pk1000


MyCafe Kraft Film Front Bags 175x175mm Brown (Pack of 1000) 303257

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77884 (VOWMYC77884-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft Bags 215x215mm Brown Pk1000


MyCafe Kraft Film Front Bags 215x215mm Brown (Pack of 1000) 303256

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77885 (VOWMYC77885-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft Bags 250x250mm Brown Pk1000


MyCafe Kraft Film Front Bags 250x250mm Brown (Pack of 1000) 303354

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77886 (VOWMYC77886-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft SOS 175x95x215 Brown Pk500


MyCafe Kraft SOS Carriers Internal Handles 175x95x215mm Brown (Pack of 500) 304704

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77888 (VOWMYC77888-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft SOS 175x95x215 White Pk500


MyCafe Kraft SOS Carriers Internal Handles 175x95x215mm White (Pack of 500) 304701

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77891 (VOWMYC77891-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft SOS 220x100x250 Brwn Pk250


MyCafe Kraft SOS Carriers Internal Handles 220x100x250mm Brown (Pack of 250) 304705

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77889 (VOWMYC77889-page:701)

MyCafe Kraft SOS 220x100x250 Wht Pk250


MyCafe Kraft SOS Carriers Internal Handles 220x100x250mm White (Pack of 250) 304702

Part Number: MyCafe MYC77892 (VOWMYC77892-page:701)

Catering: Catering Sundries

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