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Aurora 12-digit Semi-Desk Calc DT910P


Aurora DT910P Desktop Calculator. Dual power 12 digit calculator with tax function auto shut off and cost sell and margin functions.

Part Number: AURORA DT910P (VOWAO41553-page:481)

Aurora AX595TV Scientfic Calculator Pk30


Aurora AX595TV Scientific Calculator Class Pack. TrueView Dot Matrix Display - Great for displaying fractions. TrueLogic Algebraic Entry. Simple to understand and easy to use. Ideal for Key Stage 3 and 4. Features a 254 functions. Supplied in a pack of 30

Part Number: AURORA CK59 (VOWAO41655-page:122)

Aurora Black Dot Matrix Scientific Calc


An easy to use scientific calculator with a TrueView screen. UK examination compliant. Dot matrix display 254 different functions battery powered hard plastic slide on case to protect screen and buttons. Dimensions (Including Case): W83xD18xH154mm

Part Number: AURORA AX595TV (VOWAO41609-page:122)

Aurora Black/White 12-digit Desk Calc


Aurora EcoCalc 12-digit desk top calculator made from recycled plastic packaging made from 90% plus recycled paper and zero air miles during transportation. Features ISO14001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Cost Sell Margin and Tax features

Part Number: AURORA EC505 (VOWAO41447-page:482)

Aurora Blk 2-Line Scientific Calculator


UK examination compliant. TrueLogic software for easy algebraic entry 2 line LCD display shows both sum and answer 240 different functions. Battery powered. Hard plastic slide on case to protect screen and buttons. Dimensions: W83xD18xH154mm (incl case)

Part Number: AURORA AX582BL (VOWAO41603-page:484)

Aurora Blk/Wht 8-digit Calculator EC101


Aurora EcoCalc 8-digit handheld calculator made from recycled plastic packaging made from 90% plus recycled paper and zero air miles during transportation. Features ISO14001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Large keys large display and large answer bar.

Part Number: AURORA EC101 (VOWAO41441-page:479)

Aurora DT398 Silv/Gry 12-Digt Calculator


Aurora Semi-Desktop Calculator - DT398. Professional dual powered calculator with a durable metal facia hard keys decimal point selector round up key mark up key 3 memory keys and auto power off.

Part Number: AURORA DT398 (VOWAO42028-page:481)

Aurora EC404 Blk/Wht 12-digit Calculator


Aurora EcoCalc 8-digit semi desk calculator made from recycled plastic packaging made from 90% plus recycled paper and zero air miles during transportation. Features ISO14001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Large keys large display and large answer bar.

Part Number: AURORA EC404 (VOWAO41444-page:480)

Aurora Grey 8-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator


Aurora 8 Digit Semi-Desktop Dual Powered Calculator DB453B. Ideal for general use features include fixed angle display for easy viewing large keys 3 memory keys mark up/down key and auto power off. Dimensions - 102x133x25mm.

Part Number: AURORA DB453B (VOWAO31023-page:480)

Aurora Grey/Black 12-dig Semi-Desk Calc


Aurora Multifunctional Calculator - DT661. Durable dual powered desk top calculator with a large 12-digit display cost/sell/margin features scroll facility one touch tax feature and currency converter.

Part Number: AURORA DT661 (VOWAO40364-page:482)

Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Calc DT303


Aurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator with large keys and fixed angle display for easy viewing. Other features include Round up-down and decimal selector. DT303. Dimensions - 133x198x34mm.

Part Number: AURORA DT303 (VOWAO21088-page:482)

Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Calc DT85V


Aurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Desktop Calculator with an angled display large answer bar and two independent memories. Dimensions - 140x198x46mm. DT85V.

Part Number: AURORA DT85V (VOWAO21056-page:483)

Aurora Silver/Grey 12-digit Desk Calc


Aurora Euro Calculator - D7401. Desk top calculator that features a large adjustable display for optimum viewing extra large keypad for ease of use durable hard keys for everyday heavy-duty use programmable currency converter and Set key.

Part Number: AURORA DT401 (VOWAO42044-page:483)

Aurora White HC133 8-Digt Calculator x30


Aurora Pocket Calculator Class Pack. 8 digit large clear display. Robust and easy to use. Large numeric keyboard with durable hard keys. Dual solar and battery power. Includes a 3 key memory. Supplied in robust box perfect for classroom use

Part Number: AURORA CK30 (VOWAO13266-page:122)

Aurora Wht 8-digit Hand Calculator HC133


Aurora 8 digit dual powered pocket calculator which features large keys and a clear keyboard for ease of use. Dimensions 69x115x15mm.

Part Number: AURORA HC133 (VOWAO16071-page:122)

Aurora Wht/Blu 8-digit Calculator DT210


Dual powered desktop calculator with large 8 digit fixed angle display and spacious keypad. Features include: 4 key memory constants: addition division multiplication and subtraction percentage and square root keys and +/- change sign key.

Part Number: AURORA DT210 (VOWAO21001-page:480)

Casio 12 Digit Tax Calc DH-12TER-S-EH


Casios Landscape Tax and Currency Calculator features a wider more type-friendly design to increase speed of use. It also features relevant functions to calculate percentages and tax including profit margins.

Part Number: Casio DH-12TER (VOWCS09045-page:519)

Casio 12-digit Pocket Calculator


Casio SL-320TER pocket calculator. Dual powered 12 digit calculator with currency conversion tax calculations profit margin % Euro conversion sign change function command signs 4 constants 3 key memory and auto power off.

Part Number: CASIO SL-320TER-S- (VOWCS17267-page:480)

Casio 12-digit Tax Calculator MS-120BM


Casios cost sell and margin calculator features a large 12-digit display to increase clarity. It also contains percentage tax and profit calculation functions.

Part Number: Casio MS-120BM (VOWCS09051-page:515)

Casio 8-digit /Currency Calc MS-8B


Casio Tax and currency calculator features a large 8-digit display. It also features currency conversion as well as percentage and tax calculations

Part Number: Casio MS-8B (VOWCS09046-page:518)

Casio 8-digit Currency Calculator


Casios currency calculator features currency conversion to aid transaction efficiency. It also features a clear 8-digit display to ensure clarity as well as percentage calculation functions.

Part Number: Casio MS-80VERII (VOWCS09040-page:518)

Casio 8-digit Pocket Calc SL-300V-S-GH


Casio SL-300V pocket calculator with large 8 digit display non stick plastic keys 3 key memory profit margin % sign change square root auto power off 4 constants 4 key memory and 3 digit comma marker.

Part Number: CASIO SL-300V-S-GH (VOWCS16781-page:479)

Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120D-S-EP


Casio DJ-120TG desktop calculator with 12 digits. Features dual power. Tax calculations. Key rollover. calculation check profit margins and grand total key.

Part Number: DJ-120D-S-EH (VOWCS18596-page:484)

Casio Desktop Calculator JF-120ECO-W-EH


Casio JF-120ECO 12 digit dual powered calculator. Features percentage and tax calculation key roll-over currency conversions independent memory 3 digit comma markers rapid correction key plus/minus sign change and rounding selector.

Part Number: CASIO JF-120ECO-W- (VOWCS18569-page:483)

Casio Financial Calculator 12-digit


Financial calculator with a 4 line display. Extremely easy to use to work out interest payments debt mortgages savings etc . Also has as all normal calculator features plus Logs trig/inverse trig statistics random number generator etc

Part Number: CASIO FC-100V-UM (VOWCS16701-page:485)

Office Machines: Calculators/Adding Machines

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