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2Work Whiteboard Cleaning Kit


Highly effective cleaning formulation suitable for use on most types of whiteboards. The formulation removes ink residue and leaves the whiteboard sparkling clean. Contains: Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid 250ml and 1 large flannel 25x25cm.

Part Number: DURABLE 5833/00 (VOWDB50702-page:543)

2Work Whiteboard Cleaning Wipes Tub100


Tub of 100 moist lint-free wipes pre-saturated in alcohol-free cleaning liquid. Removes grease dirt ghosting stains and dry wipe marker pen.

Part Number: DURABLE 5759/02 (VOWDB50372-page:593)

AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes Pk100


AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes. Impregnated wipes for quick and easy cleaning of interactive white boards. Supplied in a re-sealable tub to keep each wipe fresh and moist.

Part Number: AF AWBW100T (VOWAFI50260-page:545)

AF Permanent Ink Remover 125ml APIR125


AF Permanent Ink Remover 125ml Pump Spray APIR125

Part Number: AF APIR125 (VOWAFI50187-page:579)

AF White Boardclene Kit AWBlack000


AF Whiteboard Clene Kit. A composite kit for the removal of dry ink residues and grease from enamelled or laminated whiteboards. Includes 1 x 125ml solution 1 x eraser 5 x cloths 5 x assorted magnets and 4 x assorted pens.

Part Number: AF AWBK000 (VOWAFI50517-page:545)

AF Whiteboard Clene Pump Spray ABCL250


AF Whiteboard Clene. Whiteboard cleaner ideal for removing most types of ink from whiteboard surfaces. Non-flammable with a pleasant lemon fragrance in a 250ml pump spray.

Part Number: AF ABCL250 (VOWAFI50191-page:545)

Artline Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser Pk4


Specially designed magnetic eraser allows easy adhesion to magnetic drywipe boards. Removes all marks made with drywipe markers from your whiteboard.

Part Number: ARTLINE ERTMM4A (VOWAR00357-page:594)

Bi-Office Black Gridding Tape 1.5mmx10m


Bi-Office Gridding Tape 1.5mm x 10m Black FM0505. For use with whiteboards. Self-adhesive for easy application.

Part Number: Bi-Office FM0505 (VOWBQ68505-page:635)

Bi-Office Black Magnetic Tape 10mmx5m


Bi-Office Black Magnetic Tape 10mm x 5m FM01015.

Part Number: Bi-Office FM01015 (VOWBQ68105-page:635)

Bi-Office L/Wht Magnetic Board Eraser


Lightweight magnetic board eraser for magnetic and whiteboard surfaces. Cleans surface to enable re-use time and time again.

Part Number: BIOFFICE AA0105 (VOWBQ53105-page:594)

Legamaster Black Self-Adh 2.5mm Tape


Self adhesive divider tape is a quick and precise way of marking out columns and rows to transform any whiteboard into a planner. Handy dispenser for easy application. Tape can be removed and board re-used. Tape size: 2.5mm x 16m. Colour: Black.

Part Number: LEGAMAST 4332-01 (VOWED02985-page:595)

Legamaster Magn Marker Holder 7-1220-00


Legamaster Magnetic Marker Holder. Magnetic holder designed to hold up to four markers in a horizontal position. Suitable for all magnetic boards.

Part Number: LEGAMAST 7-1220-00 (VOWED02838-page:591)

Legamaster Whiteboard Eraser/Pen Holder


A cleverly designed product combining a magnetic whiteboard eraser and marker holder in one. Features an integral magnetic strip for convenient storage on the board and provides safe storage for board markers. Container lid doubles as an eraser.

Part Number: LEGAMAST 1225-00 (VOWED02839-page:594)

Maul 30mm Black Dome Magnet 6166090


Maul Dome Magnet 30mm Black 6166090

Part Number: Maul 6166090 (VOWGU02256-page:629)
Pack of 10

Maul 30mm Blue Dome Magnet 6166035


Maul Dome Magnet 30mm Blue 6166035

Part Number: Maul 6166035 (VOWGU02265-page:629)
Pack of 10

Maul Dome Magnets 0.6kg Capacity Pk10


Attractive dome shaped magnets with high gloss mirror finish. Strong 0. 6kg capacity. 30mm diameter. 10 assorted colours per pack. Contains two of each: silver black white grey and blue

Part Number: MAUL 6166099 (VOWGU02264-page:595)

Maul Magnetic Name Holder Roll 20mm


Maul Magnetic Name Holder Roll 20mm x1 Metre Brown 6544577 Magnetic strip on a 1m roll. Can be cut into any length with standard scissors. Includes paper strip. Available in 20mm widths.

Part Number: MAUL 6544577 (VOWGU02501-page:595)

Nobo 1.5mm Black Gridding Tape


Nobo Gridding Tape. For use with all magnetic boards planners etc. Size 1.5mm x 10m. Colour - Black.

Part Number: NOBO 1901120 (VOWNB12071-page:595)

Nobo 1.5mmx10m Red Gridding Tape


Adhesive vinyl gridding tape. The simple way to lay grids tables and guide lines on to drywipe and magnetic boards. Supplied in an ergonomic tapered dispenser for simple dispensing in straight lines. Size: 1.5mm x 10m. Colour: Red.

Part Number: NOBO 1901119 (VOWNB12070-page:595)

Nobo 10mmx5m Black Magnetic Tape


Nobo Magnetic Tape - MT10. For use with all magnetic boards planners etc. Size - 10mm x 5m. Colour - Black.

Part Number: NOBO 1901131 (VOWNB12082-page:595)

Nobo Black Magn 10mmx10m Self-Adh Tape


Nobo Adhesive Magnetic Tape. For use with magnetic planners Whiteboards easels etc. Cut to size with scissors peel off cover paper and stick to the back of any card or paper you wish to use as a magnetic accessory. Size - 10mm x 10m. Assorted Colours

Part Number: NOBO 1901053 (VOWNB11898-page:595)

Nobo Deepclene Plus 150ml 34538408


Highly effective cleaner to re-condition a board which has been marked with the wrong type of pen or other misuse. Aerosol can containing no CFCs. Spray on to the drywipe board and polish off thoroughly with a clean dry cloth. 150ml.

Part Number: NOBO 34538408 (VOWNB38408-page:593)

Nobo Easy-Peel Whiteboard Eraser


New design ergonomically styled for the hand. Drywipe board cleaner suitable for use on any board which accepts drywipe markers. Multiple layers of cleaning cloth are fixed in an easy -to -hold block. When the top layer becomes too dirty simply peel it aw

Part Number: NOBO 34533944 (VOWNB33944-page:594)

Nobo Grey 150x20mm Magn Name Holder Pk10


Nobo Magnetic Name Holder. Reusable name holders supplied with specially shaped plain white insert cards for your own personalisation. Size: 20mm x 150mm.

Part Number: NOBO 1901096 (VOWNB12074-page:595)

Nobo Magnetic Drawing Pin Asstd Pk12


Nobo Magnetic Drawing Pins. 18mm magnets set in plastic head with convex top. Ideal for holding notes and notices on magnetic boards. Assorted Colours.

Part Number: NOBO 1901102 (VOWNB12053-page:595)

Wall/Notice Boards: Drywipe Board Accessories

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